Orthopaedic surgeon specialize in disorders of the Spine, Endoscopic Spine Surgery, Arthroplasty of the hip & knee....
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Cosmetic surgeons undertake aesthetic procedures such as
breast augmentation, facelifts and tummy...

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Orthopedic Surgery

Dr. Abdul Kareem Al Azzawi
(Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon)

  • Arthroscopic surgery for sport injuries and ligaments repair.
  • Reconstructive management for severely deformed upper and lower limbs (congenital and acquired).
  • Advanced fractures management with scientific treatment of the bone gabs.
  • Hand Surgery for multiple injuries, bony & ligamentous.
  • Spinal surgery:
    • Disc prolaps.
    • Spinal trauma.
    • Spinal stenosis.
    • Scoliosis management.
  • ILLIZAROV technique and management of limbs shortening and limb length discrepancy (for poliomyelitis).
  • Pediatric orthopedic:
    • Congenital deformity.
    • Polio management.
    • Erb.s palsy management.
  • Arthroscopic:
    • Total knee replacement. 
    • Total hip replacement.
    • Mosaiecoplasty.
    • Re-alignment bone surgery.
Dr. Sayeed Ahmed
(Orthopedic Surgery Specialist)
  • Advanced fracture management with early return to work & correction of fracture complications.
  • Arthroscopic surgery for sports’ injuries and ligamentous injuries of the knee.
  • Joint replacement surgery for advanced painful arthritis.
  • Corrections of limb length irregularity by ILIZAROV technique.
  • Pediatric Orthopedic:
    • Deformity correction in congenital conditions.
    • Polio and infections of bones and joints.
  • Spinal Surgery:
    • Disc diseases.
    • Spinal trauma.
    • Chronic painful back ailments.
    • Scoliosis corrections.